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Website Consultation
Website Consultation face to face:  $45 per hour
Website Consultation via phone:     $25 per hour

Website Developement
Basic website package of upto 5 pages  = $375.00
Basic webpage developed per page       = $95.00
Holiday Card webpage without domain   = $110.00
Holiday Card with domain                      = $135.00
Online Auction website                          = $375.00

E-Commerce Website Developement
Basic website package of e-commerce site upload, and Site setup = $475.00
Design New E-commerce Template for your individual business     = $295.00

Click HERE to let us know what you require from an e-commerce website.

See for yourself what your new e-commerce site could look like:

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Control Panel
User: admin
Pass: admin
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Website Maintenance
Maintenance is applied via our hourly rate of $25 per hour.
We can also give you discounted rates for ongoing maintenance.
Please click here for more details.

Website Hosting
Plans start at just $9.99 per month.

Website Promotion
We can send traffic to your website via the options listed below.
Banner Advertising. Click here for details.    
Text Advertising. Click here for details.

Traffic Booster 1000       = $25.00
Traffic Booster 5000       = $110.00
Traffic Booster 10,000    = $200.00
Traffic Booster 50,000    = $350.00
Traffic Booster 100,000  = $550.00

Website Banner Design
Help promote your business online by making banners available to promote your website.

Static Banner developement = $35.00
Flash Banner developement  = $65.00

Click HERE for banner examples